Sunday, October 2, 2011


AWA is over now ( U_U)
I only went for one day but I had fun!
I had fun at the rave! haha!
I actually dance even by myself and it was still fun :O
Then I dance with this cute guy ( ; __ ; )
but he has girlfriend, so I can't develop feeling for him even though he super cuttee!!
sad ( ; n ; ) i think the only reason he danced with me was to protect me
LOl because im so clueless D;

More about AWA 2011 next post.!

Friday, September 30, 2011

National Coffee Day :D

Yesterday was Coffee Day! :D
I celebrate it with my new friend Kyu~ ( ^ u ^)/
He's a really cool & stylish guy!
He's one of the few guys I enjoy talking to LOL!
I am a camera skank U___U I showed him alot of my pictures D';...
He must have been really bored LOL D';

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Break dancing practice 1! (/_ _ )/

Add ImageWent to break dancing practice today :O!
There was a cute guy there O.O!
I forgot his name U__U;; he look like he belong in a Kpop group~~ - W -) cute!
My friend told me, he find girls that break dance unattractive :'O
I'm not doing it for the guys though,
I just want to learn how to dance and gain some confidence in myself ;D YEAH!
Plus i've always been interested in Break dancing, just never imagine i could do it :O

Night Night~~

Monday, September 26, 2011

PRODUCTIVE!! ( ^ 0 ^)/

I've been productive!
First time I'm 95% done with a cosplay before the week of AWA!
Here is quick sample! Hehe! Just the ears & armwarmers :3
I'm a bunny~ teheh
(Look No Make up! LOL)

(Lol i just added a bow...nothing newLOL)


I sleep at 2am or 3am every day now..(_ _;)
[Actually, in this picture, that's me @ 4am...still doing my PoliSci Essay]
College life is fun though!
Tip #1! IMPORTANT!! Learn to manage your time well!

Brand New blog (>ω<*)ノ

Sorry, I made a new blog.
My other Blog gotten kind of cluster& difficult to handle.
I like looking at other people's blog, they have short and simple post.
I like that style D;! Plus easier to blog XD!
Since I am now in College, I am very busy so short posting is to my liking teheh!
Wish me luck on my new blog! (^ U ^) it's sort of like a dairy of my new life hehe!